New Myth to Innovation


When it comes to embedded product design, it would be wise to say that it requires specialization. We at SIC Industries are breaking the stereotypes when it comes to Embedded Hardware Design. An immense level of support is required if your business goals involve industrial design as well as mechanical designs. SIC Industries is offering an array of Embedded Design Service aimed at transforming your idea into a complete reality. Hardware design can be a critical part of any product’s success as long as it falls in the electronic domain. Leverage our capabilities and get access to the much-needed functional requirements.

With a strong portfolio and years of experience, we are ready to cater any challenge and opportunity. Equipped with a team of professionals, we can be your business transformers. With products, much scalable, robust in nature, efficient as well as economical in nature, SIC can be you’re out of the box pick. Both, DFT (testing) and DFM (manufacturing) are done on a full- fledged scale by our experts

We deliver end to end services as well as consultation to our clients in the region. Backed by experts in semiconductors and software domains, we deliver state of the art IOT System design services. With the help of unique collaboration infrastructure, experts at SIC Industries are providing key technical capabilities both, onsite as well as remotely

Our PCB team is dedicated as well as experienced, especially when we talk about high-speed wireless board designs and specs. We’ve attained competitive excellence when it comes to developing Hardware Design or board solution. We’re offering a wide range of services such as Software Design, Electronics Product Design, Mechanical Design, Pilot Production as well as Prototyping. Through our skilled personnel as well as innovative technologies, we’re deliveringan array of cutting-edge solutions in the industry, be it home automation support, be it security systems support, be it artificial intelligence enabled personal assistants and much more