New Myth to Innovation


We are specialist embedded designers with a huge amount of experience designing products utilizing everything from very low cost 8-bit micro-controller to incredibly powerful 16 and 32 bit processors. The range of embedded devices available today is vast with the cost vs. performance equation having become less and less of a factor in new product designs. Combined with falling prices in other technology areas, such as Controller, Processor, displays, battery, memory, PCB, we are able to design sophisticated devices with the lower and lower production costs. We’ve built up massive libraries of working software modules over the years, allowing us to provide extremely competitive quotes for many Projects& Product Development. Our Embedded Firmware is heart of many healthcare, Consumer, automobile, Home automation, Industrial Automation products. Our Embedded Software Design portfolio includes many industry demanding features like low power, robust execution, easy of doing operation, rich user experience, long time storage, less maintenance, seamless connectivity with existing infrastructure. Our team always stays updated with new design standards and methodologies for best quality product development.

Embedded Software Services:

  • Design & Development of board Support package
  •  Boot loader Customisation & Porting to Device
  •  Bare metal based Firmware Development
  • Over the Air (OTA) firmware Development for IOT Devices
  • Code and Performance optimisation using bets tools
  • Best class Graphics User Interface on Touch screen & PC
  • Device Driver Development
  • Linux Kernel Compilation
  • Cloud Connectivity firmware for IOT Devices