There are many factors where WhatsApp Business App is good for a business, yet when it comes to enterprises the only powerful tool provided by WhatsApp Developers is WhatsApp API. WhatsApp API allows original brands to communicate with their audience on the most trusted communication channel that WhatsApp has become.

Suitable Use case: WhatsApp Business App is more suitable for Small businesses where a Solo owner or up to four company representatives can communicate with the customers. Whereas WhatsApp API is more suitable for medium to large enterprises whom need to communicate & manage large number of customer base and audience.

Volume: The WhatsApp Business API is designed for larger companies that receive a large volume of messages, which the Business App can no longer handle. The WhatsApp Business App can only be used on one device by one user, which is severely limiting for more prominent companies. The standard business app is also limited in terms of automation.

Automation: In the name of automation, the business app only has Quick Replies & Greetings. For true automation and menu guided interface, WhatsApp API provides powerful features at the user’s disposal.

Broadcasting: WhatsApp Business App is limited in making only 256 audiences for a broadcasting group. On the other hand, there is no such limit to send bulk messages on WhatsApp API service.

Team Inbox: WhatsApp API can be used to set up team inbox for as many users as required by the developer. Although The Business app can be used up to 5 people, this comes out as a limitation where a company has many agents to manage customer communications.

In Conclusion, this is not an exhaustive comparison and just an overview of the WhatsApp API and WhatsApp business app. WhatsApp has provided each service with a unique use case in mind, for individuals, for small businesses, and for growing enterprises. & we are here to help you out to leverage this technology phenomenon for your brand’s marketing and communications needs.