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SIC Industries is an established name in the IT and Electronics market. The team of experts at SIC are thorough with the latest technological trends in the market. 

Embedded Designing

Embedded system integrations involve a complex array of moving parts like operating systems, application software, and extra interface cards, where both custom hardware and software solutions are required. Let the our engineers with internal product knowledge get your system running.

Software Development

This can involve creating completely new systems or modifying existing ones, working as part of the team responsible for analysis and design, construction, testing, and maintenance. This field changes rapidly making it essential to keep on top of the latest developments in the industry to best serve clients.

PCB Design & Manufacturing

Design for manufacture and assembly is a formal approach to examine a product's components and assembly cost and aims at cost reduction before real production starts.

IOT Embedded Design PCB Design App Development

The company also provides robust embedded software development services as well as application development. Boosted by a solid background, we have continuously optimised and further developed our core business to cater the futuristic demands of our clients.

We work hard and put hundreds of hours to cater your each and every product requirement.

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