PCB Design & Development

Printed circuit board design (PCB design) is the process of identifying how your device will work and creating the circuit board design to make it happen.

The electrical engineers at SIC Industries Design & Assembly take the idea and design the ‘how’ behind it. 

3D Modeling for PCB & Development

PCB 3D design software to help you prepare your circuit board for manufacturing and assembly processes.

Today, it’s essential to investigate the mechanical aspects of a PCB alongside its electrical behavior.

Firmware & Software Design & Development

Firmware is said to be “firm” in that it is difficult to change once it is programmed and loaded onto a hardware platform.

Similar to software, the instructions that make up firmware are stored on a physical device.All firmware is software

Mass Production & Assembly

Mass production is synonymous with continuous flow production or series reduction. Mechanisation is used to achieve high volume, and division of labour.Mass production refers to the effective manufacture of the products.