Client: Government Managed Cooperative Dairy

Dudh Sanjivani is a unique software solution designed to provide delivery verification for The Dairy Client’s customers by being a one-stop-shop for proof of delivery methods in a single app. The Dairy Client is a government-owned dairy cooperative in India that delivers milk products to anganwadis (welfare childcare centers) through local dairies in each area. The previous process of pen-paper verification for package delivery led to issues of non-delivery reporting by anganwadis and delayed payments to dairies. The Dairy Client approached us to develop a system that could provide a reliable solution for delivery verification, order recording, and reporting to streamline their operations and ensure efficient delivery of milk products.

Problem Statement:
The previous process of pen-paper verification for package delivery posed several challenges for The Dairy Client. There was no assurance that the end consumer was receiving the package, and dairies only received payment based on the quantity of packages delivered to the consumer, as reported by the anganwadis. Non-delivery reporting by anganwadis and lack of proof of delivery for transporters created delays in payments to dairies, as they were unable to claim payment for undelivered packages. This led to discrepancies in record-keeping, increased manual effort, and lack of visibility into the delivery process.

To address the challenges faced by The Dairy Client, we developed Dudh Sanjivani, a comprehensive software solution that streamlined the package delivery verification and order recording process. Dudh Sanjivani is a mobile app and website that enables delivery verification by recording proof of delivery through various methods, such as E-Signature, Photo + E-Signature, or OTP from the receiver. The system is designed to work reliably in off-grid rural areas, where internet connectivity may be limited. It uses SQLite to store data locally in an encrypted format, and when internet connectivity is available, it securely uploads the data to a server database built on MSSQL.

Dudh Sanjivani also allows transporters to record future orders from anganwadi staff, which simplifies the order recording process and minimizes manual effort. The system can record up to 13 data points for each order, and provides pre-fill options from order history to streamline the process for repeat orders. The system is built using various technologies, including Apache TOMCAT, SQL, MSIIS, ASP.NET, Nodejs, HTML-CSS, Volly, Google Maps API, REST API, and JDBC for database connectivity and reporting. The system is scalable and can be expanded to accommodate more employees and customers, and to cover a wider geographical area.

The implementation of Dudh Sanjivani has brought significant improvements to The Dairy Client’s package delivery and order recording process. The system has provided a reliable solution for delivery verification, ensuring that packages are delivered to the end consumers and reducing non-delivery reporting by anganwadis. This has resulted in timely payments to dairies based on accurate records of delivered packages, eliminating discrepancies and delays in payment processing. The system has also reduced manual effort in recording orders and improved visibility into the delivery process, enabling The Dairy Client to make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations. Overall, Dudh Sanjivani has enhanced The Dairy Client’s efficiency and customer service, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and increased revenue.